Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amazing Idea for Baby Gifts!

Look how adorable these are! This Little Project blog has so many awesome ideas. Some of you may be getting these for baby shower gifts :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch Up - Post 4 - October

Halloween rocks! Seriously, it does. Candy and pretend. Does it get better than that?
 A horse and a princess. We had a blast and Cal loved his outfit. 

Catch Up - Post 3 - September

This little dude's stats at 7 months...

24 lbs
30 inches long

big boy
happiest guy ever
super cheesy smile
will laugh if anyone else is laughing
eats... a lot
sleeps... a lot (like 11 hours a night)
LOVES his sister
sister LOVES him

Catch Up - Post 2 - August

Farley and I went to North Carolina in August. Farley served an LDS mission there in 2003-2005. We had a blast!!!

NASCAR Hall of Fame - SOOOO MUCH FUN!! (and I wasn't even a fan, but now I am) We spent over 3 hours here and had an absolute blast.

North Carolina, Charlotte Mission Home

Ordering food from Bojangles

I couldn't believe how GREEN everything was. Trees everywhere! It was like a jungle, seriously. Very, very pretty.
 Notice the kudzu on the hillside. The stuff grew everywhere and was so thick.
 Wilma Chastka and Farley. We have a picture that looks almost exactly like this but it is from 2002.

We had been wanting to go to North Carolina for a while and finally decided to when we received an invite to a wedding reception. Farley was really close to the family and still kept in touch. 

Charlotte Motor Speedway! I couldn't (and still can't) get over how huge it was. You won't understand unless you have been there. HUGE!

First day of preschool!!! Colee was super excited :)

And a pic of Cal. Love this little guy

Catch Up - Post 1 - July!!

4th of July Parade - Blanding

Absolutely worn out

Teresa's Birthday Party at the cabin

Swimming Lessons!