Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life at the Crofts' House Lately...

We have been having a blast lately! Life just quickly goes by and I need to get back into blogging about it.
 Colee and Cal in pj's on a lazy Sunday morning before church.

Colee dressed as a glow worm. Do you remember those?? Well, Shirley found Colee a glow worm nightlight and Colee decided that she needed to dress like it. Needless to say the glow worm was green :)

If Colee hears Cal before I do she will sneak in there and crawl in his crib. I then hear two little kids giggling and playing. I'm so glad they get along...most of the time.

Colee was the train engine and Cal was the caboose. 

Colee teaching Cal how to play games on the phone. She kept telling him "on mom's phone you just swish your finger and the pictures move." Gotta love our world of touch screens. Cal listened to her intently during the entire speech she gave him.