Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family in Arizona

We went to Mesa for Zeb's med school graduation.
He is now Dr. Zeb Crofts.
Congrats Zeb!!!
We had a blast while we were there.

We swam in their pool...a lot. 

The kids broke a pinata.
So did Teresa :) 

 Cam and Coco LOVED the results.

Went to Bass Pro.
The kids did this for the first 45 minutes.

Then we played!

 Gotta love Colee and her smiles.

We also ate at The Cheesecake Factory.
Didn't get pics.
I was too hungry :)

 The two cutest naked boys ever!!!

 Playing on the iPads.
If you don't have one, seriously, invest.

The blissful ride home.

We had fun visiting Zeb and Hil.
Even though it was HOT!
Colee had the most fun.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My 3 Year Old & 3 Month Old


Colee turned 3 years old on May 15! 
Colee - 3 Years Old

Colee - 1 Year Old

Time has been flying.
One word to describe Colee - ENERGY!


Such a great baby!
Cal - 1 Month Old

Cal - 3 Months Old

Here is Colee at 3 Months. 
I don't think they look alike.

Cal Info:
Laughs in a deep voice.
Loves to watch Colee.
Sleeps from at least 7:30pm - 5:00am.
Is starting to eat 7 oz. per bottle.
Eats 8 bottles a day.
Loves bath time.
Weighed 16 pounds at 3 months.
26 inches long.