Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Arrived!

Cal helping daddy mow the lawn for the first time this year (a couple months ago). He LOVES going outside. Good thing we live where these kiddos can run and explore. They love it!

Colee has been playing t-ball since the beginning of May and she is rocking it! We love going to her games and watching her play and try her hardest. She is such a happy girl and I love her so much! 

My washer died a couple weeks ago. Such a sad, sad day. My old Crosley washer and I had a love/hate relationship. We talked daily...well, I talked to it daily. But, it was a goner. So, I went to good ole True Value and looked at their washers. Then I price checked them online and they were actually VERY comparable, if not the exact same price online as they were at True Value. I went back and purchased this beauty and we have liked each other ever since. 

Things I Love About My New Washing Machine
-it is digital
-has a billion more settings
-it has a count down for how much time is left in a cycle
-it is cute (for real)
-it has Precise Fill, so it weighs the laundry and fills with water amount needed
-best of all, it has a DELAY TIMER! I put a load in right before bed and set the timer so it will be finished when I wake up so I can toss the clothes in the dryer and have them folded before I go to work!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was SO MUCH FUN! Having kids makes everything exciting!

We painted eggs. Cal is loving yellow, so all his eggs had to be yellow this year. Every. Single. One.

 The Easter Bunny found us and the kids hunted for their eggs. We hid and re-hid eggs a bunch of times and Colee loved every minute.

This is our Easter Sunday pic for this year. This is the best one I could get. Cal was not having anything to do with the camera and his little lip was out all morning. He would run and hide as soon as I tried for a picture. So, I am just thankful he actually looked at me in this picture :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

We are ALIVE and WELL!

Hey world! We are alive! It has been one year and one week since I have updated this poor little blog. I am repenting! I promise to upload more about our wonderful world from now on. 

So, what have we been up to in the past year? Well, my kids are now 2 and 4. Craziness! We chopped Colee's hair off (11 inches...thanks Patricia) and sent it off to Locks of Love. Cal has a better arm than most 6 year old kids and if you are sitting at our house then you need to keep your eyes wide open because a ball WILL come flying at your face. 
 We have plenty of silliness and smiles around here.
 And getting dirty is a lot easier with the nice weather we've had lately (except for the dang wind).
I will keep more posts coming. Promise! Leave a comment and let me know if you still pay attention to our little blog. I will for sure return the favor!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life at the Crofts' House Lately...

We have been having a blast lately! Life just quickly goes by and I need to get back into blogging about it.
 Colee and Cal in pj's on a lazy Sunday morning before church.

Colee dressed as a glow worm. Do you remember those?? Well, Shirley found Colee a glow worm nightlight and Colee decided that she needed to dress like it. Needless to say the glow worm was green :)

If Colee hears Cal before I do she will sneak in there and crawl in his crib. I then hear two little kids giggling and playing. I'm so glad they get along...most of the time.

Colee was the train engine and Cal was the caboose. 

Colee teaching Cal how to play games on the phone. She kept telling him "on mom's phone you just swish your finger and the pictures move." Gotta love our world of touch screens. Cal listened to her intently during the entire speech she gave him.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amazing Idea for Baby Gifts!

Look how adorable these are! This Little Project blog has so many awesome ideas. Some of you may be getting these for baby shower gifts :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch Up - Post 4 - October

Halloween rocks! Seriously, it does. Candy and pretend. Does it get better than that?
 A horse and a princess. We had a blast and Cal loved his outfit. 

Catch Up - Post 3 - September

This little dude's stats at 7 months...

24 lbs
30 inches long

big boy
happiest guy ever
super cheesy smile
will laugh if anyone else is laughing
eats... a lot
sleeps... a lot (like 11 hours a night)
LOVES his sister
sister LOVES him