Monday, November 22, 2010

Life in General

Uncle Jason brought Colee some stickers and, as you can see, she has been putting them everywhere including her belly. Don't you love her smile?
 Colee is in love with kettlecorn. A couple days ago she was eating it with a huge spoon while watching Dora. She finished off the entire bowl using the spoon.
I'm so excited for the holiday breaks that are coming up! I know a lot of people say that teachers get too many breaks. My reply back is, if you were a teacher you would need them. Seriously. One reason I am looking forward to the time off is to have Colee with me. I miss that little girl during the day :)  Secondly, I love Blanding and Far and I haven't been able to get out and do much lately. This town is the perfect size to enjoy and there is so much to do around here that we have been talking about. We just haven't had time to do it all. Last, I am need of catching up on blogs! It has been a couple weeks since I've read any and I miss hearing or reading about everyone. So I promise I will post soon! I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Colee LOVED Halloween! She was the cutest mouse in Blanding. We didn't go to that many houses because of the weather, but Colee loved the houses we did visit. We went to Shirley's, Kedric's, Grandma Great, Kali's, Ellis's, and Jens and Patricia's. By the time we left the first house, Colee totally knew what was going on and she would hold out her pumpkin for candy and then, so sweetly, ask for "more, more, more".

 Eating a sucker at Grandma Great's house.
 Teresa dressed up as an Indian for Halloween!

 Colee and Lyric
Colee, Lyric, Kali

Halloween was way fun. Colee tried to take her candy and pumpkin to the tub with her that night and also to bed. It was so funny! I'm usually not into Halloween at all, I think it is kind of a weird holiday. This year was super fun though, because Colee made it that way. I hope you all had a blast too!