Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was SO MUCH FUN! Having kids makes everything exciting!

We painted eggs. Cal is loving yellow, so all his eggs had to be yellow this year. Every. Single. One.

 The Easter Bunny found us and the kids hunted for their eggs. We hid and re-hid eggs a bunch of times and Colee loved every minute.

This is our Easter Sunday pic for this year. This is the best one I could get. Cal was not having anything to do with the camera and his little lip was out all morning. He would run and hide as soon as I tried for a picture. So, I am just thankful he actually looked at me in this picture :)

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Zeb, Hilary, & Camden said...

Your kids are so cute! My boys don't like posing for pictures either... must be a boy thing! Kids definitely make holidays and every other day so much fun!